About Us


         Impact India was founded in 2008 by Raj and Colleen with a vision to rescue and care for the orphaned, at-risk, and vulnerable chidren living in the nation of India. Raj was born and raised in an orphanage in India. God has blessed him in special ways, and after living in the US for about eight years with his wife Colleen and kids, and living the American dream, he felt a strong call to return to his native country to give back and help those that are underprivileged and in vulnerable situations. They returned to India in 2011 permanently and started a non-profit to help the poor and unwanted children, widows and the destitute of the society.   


      Since its inception, it has grown from 2 children to now caring for over 35 children and widows who were once living on the streets, neglected and abused. Some of these were prevented from being sold off into sex trafficking. All the kids here are provided with a very loving, safe & modern living facility, nutritious and hygienic food, quality english medium education, medical care  and an all round development to become better leaders and citizens of India.


    The core purpose of this organization is to give a helping hand to these kids by educating them now, so they can help themselves and many others in  the future.  We have seen major transformation in the lives of each and every child that is living at the Children's Home.  The atmosphere of the home is a family-like environment and it is one where kids can thrive greatly.

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