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Rescuing India's Children



IMPACT INDIA Ministries is a charitable non-profit 501(c)3 organization that exists to love and serve the poor and destitute of India; and to break the cycle of poverty by providing Loving care, Quality education, Skill Training, Medical care and opportunities for becoming successful contributors to the Indian community. Our mission is to Rescue, Restore and Educate children that have been orphaned, abandoned, trafficked or unwanted. Besides rescuing kids, we are also working toward rehabilitating and providing skilled training to widows, single mothers and poor women who have been victims of domestic violence or rejected by the society; and to provide humanitarian welfare assistance to the poor in several villages and communities of India.

The goal of Impact India is to see hundreds of lives redeemed and restored every single day into their God given destiny!

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Our Story

From Raj:

"My story is one of pain, trauma, redemption and of overcoming all odds. I was born in India into an abusive home where my father eventually ended up breaking my mother's arm. My mother tried to escape, along with me and my younger brother. Unfortunately, he discovered our whereabouts and took back my brother. We were now separated and ended up growing up in different cities (only to be reunited 15 years later.) My mother and I were left on the streets.  My days were spent working as a child laborer cleaning floors at local stores and restaurants for the next two years, many days barely having enough to eat.  At the age of seven I was sent to an orphanage where I ended up going to school and college living out the rest of my childhood and young adult years. It was surely a step up from living on the streets.  It was years before I ever got to see my mother again. It was there in that place of loneliness and longing for family that the Lord met me and became my father."  

From Colleen:

"I was called to the nation of India when I was 17 years old in a radical encounter with the Lord. In that moment, I supernaturally received a burden and calling to the nation of India. I was never the same again.  I finally went to India at the age of 19 and lived and served there as well as attended a local seminary for the next 4 years. It was there that I met my husband Raj and we were married in India in 2005.  We moved to the USA for seven years until we moved back to India.

We knew from the beginning that we were  brought together for a divine purpose.  In 2008 we registered Impact India Ministries and in 2011 we moved back there permanently.  We immediately began rescuing kids and raising up disciples in that nation. Today we are known lovingly as  'mommy' and 'daddy' to  the kids in our care. The Lord began to bless the work of our hands and gave us a 6 acre piece of land that we have developed over the years. We now have a beautiful base on the outskirts of the city where we now have a children's home., playgrounds, a farm, and are currently working on a school. "

-Raj & Colleen

Founders of Impact India


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